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Thank’s for you visit to my biography page, please leave comment’s or feedback about my page. I hope we have a chance to learn each other, especially your advice.

Once again … thank’s a lot.

Hi guys, my name is Ari Sumarsono, I am 43 years old and natives javanesse, Indonesian. I lives in Yogyakarta city, it’s about 600 km to the east of Jakarta.

My Familly when we are trip in "tawangmagu falls".

My Familly when we are trip in "tawangmagu falls".

I have 2 children (now they are in junior high school) and a lovely wife (she is teacher too).

Actualy i am an ICT teacher in Vocational technical School, it’s about 40 km from my home, at hilly area!, but you can find many bautiful beaches with nice white sand. I also teach in a secondary high school near my home (In my country you have a chance to teach two or three different schools it’s depend on yours time).

Volenteer in Aceh with UN-OCHA & UNICEF

Volenteer in Aceh with UN-OCHA & UNICEF

I interest in multimedia education teaching, technology for sustainable energy,

Study "Windcraft Energy" in Flensburg

Study "Windcraft Energy" in Flensburg

travelling  and humanitarian volunteer, it’s the reason why i have many colleagues work with several NGO when al disaster came to my country,  such as tsunami in Aceh and Earhquake in yogyakarta.



1. Anton ICT Bantul - Januari 16, 2009

nderek langkung pak Ari…wah mboten ngertos artine 😀

arisumarsono - Februari 23, 2009

gampang wae mas, .. are you sure!?? … jawabae .. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr!!!

2. Andi Hermawan - Maret 19, 2009

wa kakakakak….

3. Arry MW - April 25, 2009

isih kelingan karo alumni kelas 3E SMPN 1 JOGJA tahun 81

4. eko purwanto - Agustus 26, 2009

pak ari saya alumni yappi.
nama saya eko saya lulusan TI,dan sekarang saya sudah bekerja di suatu perusahaan asing di jakarta,alhamdullilah sekarang saya menjadi leader di perusahaan tempat saya bekerja…slm kenal pak ari sumarsono sukses selalu buat pak ari o y ni no hp saya 02196131507

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